2014 \ Color & B/W \ Directed by Chris White, Written by Chris White + Emily Reach White and Geoffrey Gunn

When husband-and-wife indie filmmakers Neil (Chris White) and Liz Shaw (Traysie Amick) hear that Bill Murray will be a judge at the “Low Country Boil 48-Hour Film Festival,” they pack their bags and head to Charleston…picking up Neil’s angst-ridden daughter Hope (Harriet White), cameraman Alan Ray (Alan Ray), and BFF/sound recordist Jen Meyers (Monica Eva Foster) along the way.

All hell breaks loose when twirling girl actress Bree Carrington (Reid Cox) and fading 80’s action star Nicholas “Nick” Teasle (Lavin Cuddihee) don’t get Liz’s subtle, Bill Murray-esque screenplay or Neil’s patient direction.

Adding to the stress: would-be documentarian Clark Wiggins (Jeff Driggers) whose camera is everywhere they’d rather it not be, pretentious filmmaking foe Dos Midler (Alex Smith), and Neil’s sexy former flame Jackie Miller (Nealy Glenn).

Suddenly the Shaw’s filmmaking weekend in the Holy City goes from bad to worse, leaving them lost in the first circle of Hell.

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Listen to a conversation with CINEMA PURGATORIO screenwriters Chris White + Emily Reach White and Geoffrey Gunn, and download the full screenplay.

Posters by Stephen Boatright.