Bill Murray.

Please accept this request to appear as yourself in a brief, surprise cameo for our independently produced, micro-budget feature film CINEMA PURGATORIO.

We have produced two award-winning, independent features ( and dozens of short films. CINEMA PURGATORIO will be our third feature film in just over two years. We wrote the film as a semi-autobiographical, satirical comedy made specifically for US film festival screenings, Internet distribution, and a regional cinema screening tour.

We've shot every scene in CINEMA PURGATORIO but one...yours. Production happened over twelve days last August at locations in Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville, SC...for a budget of about $50,000. At present, the film is nearly finished, pretty much ready to go...sound design, score, and and color correction are all falling into place nicely. First screening the film is set for Sunday, June 1 in Columbia.

Our request is that you appear in the film only briefly, in a surprise cameo near the end. As written, the scene runs two minutes. We'd like to shoot it after business hours at Rutledge Cab Co. Should you be willing to appear, we will need you on set for no more than two hours. The scene is tautly written, but may be improvised as well.

Our experienced, South Carolina-based production team has demonstrated an exceptional track record for managing low-budget productions with ambitious artistry and business acumen. Indeed, you will find the set of CINEMA PURGATORIO to be professional, efficient, and businesslike…though much smaller than the sets you are accustomed to. We'll shoot secretly. No one there but essential personnel.

Should you have questions about the film, production process, or our distribution plan, do not hesitate to contact us directly: Chris (864.907.5545), Emily (864.320.3081). We live and work in Greenville, which is just a few hours up the road from Charleston. If you would like to meet with us to discuss your involvement in detail, we are happy to make the short drive down.

Thank you for your consideration.

Chris White + Emily Reach White